AM Training System / Modules

The production process is basically divided into three sections in accordance with DIN Spec: Pre-processing, the printing process (in-process) and post-processing.

Pre-Process Modules

In the process preparation, three content-related modules are to be distinguished:

In-Process Modules

During the actual printing process, a distinction is made in two modules between the assembly of the parts in the build room and the monitoring of the process by an employee.

Post-Process Modules

After printing, the resulting component must be removed and subjected to final processing steps. The system must also be prepared and checked again for the next production process.

Cross-Process Modules

Regardless of the position of one's own role in the process, there are topics that fundamentally affect all employees. In a manufacturing company, for example, this is quality management, i.e., the handling of information and processes, both internally and in coordination with clients. Legal aspects such as occupational safety also play a major role.