Why #weboostam

MGA is the leading international network of companies, institutions and research institutes that pushes 3D-printed applications for professional use in several sectors.

Our network is user-oriented and in our joint work on challenges of the Industrial Additive Manufacturing we benefit from the fact that our member companies can map the entire process chain and represent almost any part of the industry.


To make our members more visible we created WeboostAM, a *database* with a map function and further information about our member companies. You are looking for service provider specialised in printing Aluminium? You will find them here! Furthermore we want to offer a *use case library* on weboostam, where our members can present successful parts to give an insight into the far-reaching possibilities of Additive Manufacturing.

WeboostAM will be continously updated and extended with new functions, e.g. a special area for the challenges of the corona crisis or an expansion of the platform to include certifications and guidelines.