Why WeBoostAM?

The biggest goal of MGA is to boost AM into industrial series production. To reach it, we need significantly more awareness of our technology in all areas of industry as well as certified production processes and there will certainly never be “enough” new applications.
One fact is clear to all our members: We will not achieve that goal as individual players! So we agreed on sharing our knowledge with everyone interested in Additive Manufacturing, hopefully enabling more companies to adopt the technology and thus increasing its impact on the manufacturing industry.


Finding a way to share our findings became a key element of our process and we quickly came up with the idea of an open knowledge database. But how do YOU benefit from this?

Are you looking for a service provider specialised in printing Aluminium? Do you need impressions of use cases printed in Steel for your next project? Or are you just missing a standard for testing plastic parts?


You will find all this and much more here!

And the best part: The entries are connected to each other via their properties and thus are cross-searchable!