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Filter carrier FiT

Each of us can make a contribution during the current pandemic to significantly reduce the rate of infection with Covid-19 and not overburden our health care system. Wearing face masks is becoming increasingly important if we want to protect others from infection. The problem: These masks are not available to the general population in sufficient numbers.

The filter carrier FiT is a practical alternative to conventional face masks. The easy-to-assemble kit consists of two identical plastic trays that can be disinfected and are dishwasher safe. A suitable filter material is inserted between these filter carrier baskets, starting with a simple, easily available paper handkerchief, cotton cloths or antimicrobial covers and ending with professional fleece material. The filter material can be replaced quickly and easily at any time.

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Attention! This is not respirator! Do not use for medical purposes! Filter effect depends on fit and inserted filter material!


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