Use case

Functionally Integrated Implant – MUGETO®

This component is a prototype of a hip stem endoprosthesis, which shows the potential of additive manufacturing for medical applications, demonstrating the feasibility to integrate different functions in one part .

Main Features:

The inner cellular structure allows adaption of the implant’s stiffness and density to the patient needs (specific bone properties).

The Macro-porous surface structure can be applied either to selected surface areas or to the implant’s entire surface, enhancing the bone ingrowth (osseointegration).

Internal channels and cavities could provide a variety of integrated functions, e.g.:
- post-operative medical treatment using a drug depot (cavity)
- better implant fixation by inserting bio-resorbable filler material through the channels
- post-surgery endoscopic inspection through the channels

Technical Details:

  • AM-Technology used: Laser Beam Melting (LBM)

  • Material: Ti-6Al-4V

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