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Custom Rubber Parts

Printing a unique rubber grommet from a 2D drawing

Valeo is a leading supplier to automakers worldwide. In August 2022, the company learned that one of its long-time suppliers was closing down. They needed a very specific rubber grommet for cable assembly in just several weeks — or they risked shutting down a commercial vehicle plant for one of their OEM customers in Germany.

With only an old, 2D drawing in hand, Chromatic was able to develop a 3D rendering of the part. We were also able to match their material specifications in terms of hardness, flexibility, and long-term durability.

Using our RX-AM™ materials and technology platform, Chromatic printed 300 new parts in less than two weeks. Then we arranged just-in-time delivery of 5,000 parts over the next three months. Ultimately, Valeo and its customer avoided downtime.

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