Chromatic 3D Materials

Our Mission: To bring industrial quality materials to the 3D printing market to enable true production implementation.

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For the first time ever, manufacturers have the materials required to build durable, functional designs – all from a 3D printer. FlexTuneTM 3D Printed Polyurethanes are a range of rubber elastomers that are high-performance yet still flexible. We’re partnering with companies all across the globe to create new product designs, innovate current products and shake up the manufacturing process. From hearing aids to steering wheels, the applications of FlexTuneTM3D Printed Polyurethanes are endless.

Our technology produces isotropic parts that have the same durability and resilience of regular rubber parts. Current use cases for our technology are for example replacement parts in the brake systems of trains highlighting the durable and safety critical nature of the applications our technology is used in. We currently offer solutions to the hearing aid industry as well and have the capability to produce parts and solutions that qualify for medical use. With the ability to adhere to metals, fabric and most polymers we can directly print seals and gaskets of many shapes and sizes as well.


Chromatic 3D Materials

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