Use case

Rubber Grommet for Automotive Supplier

Valeo is a leading supplier and partner to automakers worldwide. In August 2022, the company learned that one of its long-time suppliers was closing down.

The challenge

Valeo needed to procure a very specific rubber grommet for cable assembly in just several weeks — or risk shutting down a commercial vehicle plant for one of their automotive OEM customers in Germany. With two weeks til shutdown, they called Chromatic.

The solution

From no CAD file to prototype!

Valeo approached Chromatic with only an old, 2D drawing in hand. We scanned the document and developed a 3D rendering for the new part. Our materials scientists were able to match their specifications in terms of hardness, flexibility, and long-term durability. We selected ChromaFlow 70, a robust grade of thermoset polyurethane suitable for automotive applications:

Shore hardness of 70
Resistant of high and low temperatures
Provides a water tight seal in the assembly

Using our RX-AM™ materials and technology platform, Chromatic printed and shipped a prototype to Valeo in 2 days. Valeo quickly qualified the new rubber grommet, and we moved into production mode.

First, Chromatic printed 300 new parts in less than two weeks, and shipped them to Valeo to help them avoid production downtime. Then we arranged just-in-time delivery of 5,000 parts over the next three months.


ChromaFlow 70

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