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The Kimya brand, launched by ARMOR, offers innovative solutions using made-to-measure 3D materials adapted to the needs of industry.

«Armor has developed Kimya as a response to shifts in manufacturing processes which we are familiar with, being manufacturers ourselves. Our goal is to design and produce 3D materials with a high level of added value to meet the growing needs of a market which is constantly searching for ever more intelligent solutions. It is vital to optimize our resources and to become even more flexible to be able to face the new challenges of industrial manufacturing.»
– Hubert de Boisredon, Chairman and CEO of the ARMOR Group


20 Rue Chevreul, 44100 Nantes, France


MGA Network

member since 01.03.2021

Membership Motivation

MGA is the opportunity to exchange on topics of transportation and materials with the major European players. We want to be part of the growth of AM in the sector of transportation.
We want to integrate MGA to have access to experiences technical experst in their respective fiels and industry players.
Participate in events and network communication would be beneficial for the development of AM and our company.

Network Contribution

We have been working for three years with the leading French industrial group. We are used to formulating technical materials with claiming specifications in FDM technology.
We could bring in high-performance materials, as well as our expertise in chemistry and compounding. Our company has based its business model successfully on co-industrialization. We work closely with the major 3D printer manufacturers to obtain the best properties through a dedicated printing profile.
We will be pleased to be part of the MGA network and shaew our expertise in developing high-performance materials.