Use case

Fixture part out of Kimya ABS Kevlar

Application Background
The maintenance department often replaces 3 different bearings in a part that supports a rotating shaft. To do this they have to press out 3 small pins in varying locations on the part. Doing this repeatedly without a proper fixture is frustrating and adds non-value-added time.

3D print a fixture that will hold the shaft support properly for each pin and repeatedly withstand the force of the pressing without plastically deforming.

Material Considerations
The Aramid fiber (Kevlar) additive adds toughness – In this application, the fixture will be used in a pressing operation. Added impact strength will help to add durability, prevent breakage, and prolong the life of the fixture.

The estimated cost of traditionally manufactured fixture: $400

3D Printed Fixture cost: $68

The fixture was printed using a Makerbot Method X at 95% with 5 shells so that it was able to be sanded and modified as needed. It has been used roughly 3 times per week for over 3 months without deforming.




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