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Unique Copper Inductors

PROTIQ has developed a unique process that can additively process highly conductive copper. This makes it one of the first 3D printing services able to produce copper inductors of the highest industrial quality.

On the PROTIQ website you can find a configurator for individual inductors. This inductor configurator in combination with tool-free manufacturing in 3D printing significantly shortens the production process. Simply select the right basic shape for your application and determine individual parameters such as the number of turns, coil diameter or the position of the connection. You can choose from various shapes, which you can adapt to your personal requirements with just a few clicks.

The inductor will then be additively manufactured using selective laser melting. Since copper almost completely reflects the rays of conventional laser melting equipment, many 3D printing service providers use alloys with a low copper content.  But the conductivity of the components made from such alloys is often unsatisfactory. PROTIQ has succeeded in developing a process to additively process high-conductivity copper.

Your individual ready-to-use inductors will be printed over-night and shipped within just a few days.

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