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Outdoor Camera Tripod by XSPECTER


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Learn how XSPECTER uses a combination of SLA and SLS 3D printing for an extra edge when manufacturing their camera tripods.

With an innovative idea and lots of motivation, many entrepreneurs have already managed to fill gaps in the market. After he couldn't find anything similar available, Matthias Mähler had the idea to build the first prototype of a special camera tripod for night vision and handheld thermal imaging devices.

One of the main challenges was to implement a complex product design, which would have required an initial investment of more than €100,000 in tooling had he chosen injection molding. Without any prior knowledge of how the product would work on the market, this would have been very risky for a small startup. By using 3D printing in developing and later manufacturing the tripod, however, it was possible to avoid this substantial investment. Now, his company, XSPECTER, manufactures its first fully developed camera tripod T-Crow XRII in-house and is successfully selling it through an exclusive partner.

In an interview, Mähler told us how a finished product can be manufactured using a combination of different 3D printing technologies and why he chose this process.

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