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Isolator out of Kimya ABS-ESD


For over 30 years now, the German group HAENSSLER has been developing, producing and selling unique parts designed from high-quality plastics and elastomers. Concentrating on small and medium-scale production, HAENSSLER offers sealing solutions and parts of complex design. Combined with its expertise in turning and milling, its proficiency in 3D printers and filament transformation enables it to meet the demands of industrial operators.


During the summer of 2020, HAENSSLER set itself the challenge of designing and producing a part of high technical complexity for one of its customers. The end user was seeking a sealant part with anti-electrostatic properties to provide thermal protection between two parts assembled within a machine. The other major challenge was then to produce 300 parts for integration within an existing production line. This part finally had to be composed of two parts that can be easily removed and reassembled on multiple occasions during the life cycle of the machine. With the support of KIMYA, HAENSSLER was able to satisfy its customer’s demands by carrying out all the stages necessary to complete the project. Here are the details:


The first step was to select the ideal material. HAENSSLER took part in a webinar organized by the partner IGO3D during which Kimya materials were presented, notably the ESD anti-electrostatic filaments. This is how HAENSSLER decided to incorporate the ESD filaments within the design of their customer applications. Their selection was the Kimya ABS-ESD filament, which meets two essential criteria: anti-electrostatic and resistance to temperatures above 90°C. HAENSSLER then commenced the design phase of the part in order to optimize its insulating properties by incorporating an internal vacuum.


The advantages of the Kimya ABS-ESD filaments

A major benefit of Kimya filaments is their compatibility with the ULTIMAKER S5 3d printer used by HAENSSLER. The Kimya ABS-ESD filaments are available on the Ultimaker Market Place platform.

The objective of this small production run was also to print two batches of 150 parts at two different times during the year. On each occasion, a very precise delivery schedule must be adhered to. Once a batch has been launched in production, the parts are produced continuously, 24/7.

The selected Kimya filaments have the advantage of being delivered in long reels weighing 2.2kg. This reduces both handling time when changing reels and the cost. By reducing the production time (thanks to the printing speed and optimized part density during design) and selecting a competitive material (in terms of filament quantity per part and cost), HAENSSLER was able to make an attractive offer to its customer.

Development of a bespoke printing profile

After launching production, HAENSSLER observed a number of imperfections during printing due to delamination marks and flow defects (which sometimes occurs when printing large-format parts of complex geometry). HAENSSLER notified KIMYA, requesting an analysis of the problem and a proposed solution. Thanks to the know-how and commitment of personnel at the Kimya Factory, a bespoke printing profile was created based on the standard profile: the previously observed imperfections were rectified. Objective achieved!

«When we encountered printing defects, the KIMYA reacted quickly to establish a printing profile able to deliver the required level of quality. We were therefore able to produce the parts within deadline.»  Dirk OLBERT, ingénieur 3D au sein d’HAENSSLER


KIMYA and HAENSSLER offer their customer more than just 3D materials and unique parts. Together they are concentrating their know-how on developing bespoke solutions to meet the highly specific demands of their customers.

HAENSSLER was able to rely on the expertise of KIMYA throughout this project. Its in-depth knowledge of 3D materials combined with its expertise in 3D printing produced a result enabling us to meet the demands of the end customer. By combining the expertise of 2 operators like KIMYA and HAENSSLER, the project was completed in a very short period of time and the end customer was able to continue production without interruption.


«Our partnership with KIMYA has been highly beneficial. The personnel of KIMYA have demonstrated their reliability and expertise, especially given the highly challenging nature of the project. We are certain that we will collaborate further in the future, using their 3D filaments for other projects.» Adrian HEINRICH, Marketing Manager at HAENSSLER;

Through its Kimya brand, the ARMOR group exploits its expertise to co-develop bespoke materials. And this, with international industrial groups and 3D printer manufacturers. Creating parts with high added value. By working closely with manufacturers, KIMYA meets their needs in the areas of functional prototyping, tooling production, and the manufacture of specific components in small.

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