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How a Swiss Eyewear Manufacturer Uses SLS 3D Printing to Produce High-Quality Eyewear

Learn how Marcus Marienfeld uses SLS 3D printing to create end-use parts for exclusive eyewear frames and cost-effective tooling for production.

Thanks to their high-quality, extravagant choice of materials, and meticulous craftsmanship, coupled with constantly new and innovative ideas, glasses from Marcus Marienfeld AG clearly set themselves apart from conventional glass frames.

Since his years as a goldsmith, Marcus Marienfeld has always been in search of innovation and challenge when it comes to the design and manufacture of new accessories.

Most recently, using a Fuse 1, he integrated selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing into the production line for his glass frames in his Swiss workshop for printing end-use parts and rapid tooling for forming titanium.

In this interview, he talks about his first steps with SLS 3D printing, the advantages it gives him in serial production as well as for custom-made products, and why he likes to use nylon as a raw material so much.

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