Use case

Fluid Pump Assembly

Fluid pumps are widely used in industrial applications for fluid transfer and low-pressure spraying applications. The pump assembly must withstand constant operating pressure while providing long-lasting durability.​

When a fluid pump fails, users experience costly equipment downtime and lost revenue. ​

If spare parts are not warehoused or readily accessible, the manufacturer must source castings, which can take weeks or even months.



Redesigning parts with the ElemX enables engineers to create custom parts that reduce weight, optimize performance, and retain mechanical properties. Performance without compromise.​

In less than a day, a complete fluid pump assembly can be printed on the ElemX 3D Printer and immediately available for installation.



AL4008 aluminum alloy, which is equivalent to A356 for castings, is an ideal material choice to supplement broken parts, spares and repairs for heavy equipment applications.

98% Faster Lead Time.

87% Lower Cost.



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