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Aluminum CPU Cooler

A commonly used CPU cooler is made of eight different components typically sourced from several different suppliers. ​
It includes a nickel plate with multiple machined fins bolted to a separate plastic piece to create a water channel through those fins. It’s a combination of machining, injection molding and assembly processes. ​
When just one of those suppliers becomes unavailable, it delays production, and can cause customer issues.


With the freedom of design offered by 3D Printing – the assembly can be consolidated into 1 device that can be printed. ​
Printing the entire assembly into a single device solves supplier mgmt. challenges and lead time risks. This ensure “part in hand” as needed.  ​
ElemX can produce this device and provide a >99% dense aluminum part that has improved functionality and has as good or better conductivity performance.


The ElemX CPU cooler is a complex, watertight liquid heat exchanger with custom cooling paths, replacing the original assembly with a single 3D printed component, produced in <2 hours and weighing 126 grams. ​
It takes advantage of AM by optimizing the internal channel flow paths with fin walls as thin as 1.2 mm. There are modest cost savings and most importantly, the part is ready for install within hours instead of weeks or months.

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