High Performance Polymers

Ultrasint® PA6


General Information

All Ultrasint PA6® grades have in common that they show high modulus, high strength and excellent thermal distortion stability. These properties ensure precise feature control, very good mechanical properties and simple surface reprocessing of 3D printed parts. Ultrasint® PA6 can fulfill the requirements of functional applications regarding high accuracy and mechanical strength as well as a high heat distortion temperature – properties, where existing 3D printing materials often show limitations.


Benefits at a Glance

  • High strength and rigidity

  • Media tightness as-printed

  • High HDTs

  • Excellent heat-ageing performance

  • Color: Natural

Material Properties

  • Tensile strength: 47 MPa

  • Young’s modulus: 1700 MPa

  • Elongation at break: 16 %

  • Charpy impact unnotched: 6.8 kJ/m²

  • HDT B (0.45 MPa, dry): 192 °C

Material Properties

Chemical and Environmental Properties