High Performance Polymers

PU Rigid 1000 Resin

General Information

Whether you’re looking to leverage parts for long-term use or elevate your prototyping capabilities, Formlabs Polyurethane Resins are designed to withstand extensive testing and perform under stress.

Choose PU Rigid 1000 for stiff, sturdy, and unyielding polyurethane parts that repeatedly tolerate high-stress environments and high impacts.

Polyurethane Resins have a longer workflow requiring additional equipment and set-up costs. More attention is needed when setting up prints and post-processing parts to get consistent, high-quality results.

Supports print resolutions: 100 µm and 50µm.

Disclaimer: For commercial and research use only. Not for use in or around households or residences, or for recreation purposes, or outside of a commercial or research facility or institution.

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Material Properties

Chemical and Environmental Properties