High Performance Polymers

Kimya PLA-R


General Information

The 3D filament Kimya PLA-R is a recycled and biodegradable polymer: this biosourced homopolymer can be obtained from corn starch. Polylactic acid (PLA) is a natural alternative to polyethylene. It is easy to print and is odorless. The 3D filament Kimya PLA-R can be used in industrial applications, notably packaging, and also in domestic applications:  creation of everyday objects, toys, prototypes and for use in modeling. It offers the following properties:

Easy to print
Glossy finish
Contains minimum 95% of recycled material (material that itself is obtained from 100% natural PLA-R)
Eligible to the EN 13432 and EN 14995 standards (PLA-R Natural)
Complies with the REACH standard

Material Properties

Chemical and Environmental Properties