High Performance Polymers



General Information

The Kimya PEKK-SC 3D filament belongs to the polyaryletherketone family. Polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymer. PEKK-SC is PEKK in semi-crystalline form, imparting it with increased heat resistance. It is therefore resistant to high temperatures, abrasion and chemical products. Manufactured from KEPSTAN® Arkema, PEKK has excellent mechanical properties. Manufacturers use it to produce components exposed to acids and hydrocarbons, such as fuel and lubricants. It is compatible with the smoke/fire standard EN 45 545 – essential in the railway sector. The Kimya PEKK-SC 3D filament has the following properties:

  • Semi-crystalline structure

  • Excellent mechanical properties

  • Heat resistance (up to 260°C)

  • Railway fire and smoke standard EN45545

  • Aerospace FAR 25.853 Standard

  • Flame retardant – eligible to UL94 V0

  • Complies with the RoHS and REACH standard

Material Properties

Chemical and Environmental Properties