High Performance Polymers



General Information

The 3D printer filament is resistant to high temperatures, maintaining a constant resistance up to 160 °C  with minimal warping.  With such high heat resistance and an appealing matte surface finish, Hi-Temp filament is the choice for functional prototyping, household appliances, electrical casings, and as an end-use material for low-scale production or custom jigs and fixtures.  Hi-Temp is a scale dynamic, allowing designs to maintain their quality between large-format and desktop 3D printers. Compatible with open printers like the BigRep ONE, Hi-Temp is an excellent ABS alternative that is easily printable in low-temperature environments.  As a thermoplastic material derived from organic compounds, Hi-Temp is biodegradable under the correct conditions. CO2 neutral and environmentally friendly, it has a much lower ecological impact than other thermoplastics derived from fossil fuels – like ABS.  Hi-Temp is FDA compliant for food safety and meets all requirements of EU Directives on food contact.

  • Heat Resistance up to 160 °C

  • Low Warping and Shrinkage

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Thermoplastic

  • Appealing Matte Finish

  • Food Safe

Material Properties

Chemical and Environmental Properties