General Information

Aluminum – a lightweight and versatile material for more than 100 years now. Various processing routes (e.g. casting, rolling, forging) combined with good strength at a low mass density make aluminum an excellent choice for industrial applications. Good thermal and electrical conductivities as well as a high resistance in corrosive atmosphere complete the profile. AlSi10Mg is one of the most common aluminum alloys, originally designed as hardenable casting alloy for sophisticated designs. Due to its inherent characteristics, AlSi10Mg is particularly suited for lightweight designs and highly stressed components with famous examples from aerospace engineering or the automotive industry – even facing dynamic loads.

Mechanical Properties

  • Specific Density [g/cm3]
  • Hardness
  • Tensile Strength [MPa]
  • Fatique Strength [MPa]
  • Yield Strength [MPa]
  • Elongation at max. force [%]
  • Young's Modulus [MPa]
  • Impact Strength [J]
  • Poisson's Ratio

Particle SIze

  • Min Size 20
  • Max Size 63

Diameter (Wire)

  • Min Size
  • Max Size