Molten Metal Deposition is their disruptive metal Additive Manufacturing technology. Valcun produces parts directly with liquid metal, just like the world’s most known polymer 3D printing (FFF) process.
Their process is developed to easily integrate into any production and research environment.

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ValCUN brings aluminum AM to the industry. The automotive sector is one of ValCUN's first focus areas. MGA can provide a linking function between the industries and ValCUN. So MGA's network and reach will be the biggest asset for ValCUN.

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THE right technology for aluminium AM.

Or longer worded...

Aluminum is the second most used metal in the world and is eagerly used in lightweight applications such as automotive. In the AM world, aluminum is undervalued because the most commonly used technologies do not handle aluminum well. There is a need for an AM technology that focuses on aluminum and brings this premium material to its full potential with all the advantages that AM technology offers.

ValCUN invented the Molten Metal Deposition (MMD) technology that initially focuses on aluminum 3D printing. Technology is built around the material, so to speak, and not the other way around. The MMD technology will grow aluminum within the AM sector and give the material the place it deserves. Especially in sectors such as automotive where optimization toward lightweight structures has been the driver for innovation for years. MMD technology will contribute to the perpetual innovation that the automotive industry brings us.