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TraBTech, a spin-off of Btech, is a company operating on Innovative and Disruptive Implant Development with Additive Manufacturing Technology. TraBTech is a technology company that provides Training and Consulting Services in Modeling and Design, Additive Manufacturing as well as 3D Anatomical Modeling and Design and Customized Solutions/Services.

TraBTech aims to produce innovative, new generation implants and services with high value added, it is on its way to become a disruptive company that intents to develop competitive products worldwide, especially in the field of orthopedics, using additive manufacturing production technology.

TraBCup is a CE certified total hip joint prosthesis developed by TraBTech using the advantages of metal additive manufacturing, with trabecular surface properties, providing a high level of bone-implant surface integration. TraBTech’s roadmap also includes the TraBCage Intervertebral Fusion Cage Implants, which it has been developing using design techniques for additive manufacturing, to be used in the treatment of disc disorders in spine surgery, and the CE certification of the product is ongoing.


+90 312 227 00 89

  • Üniversiteler, ODTÜ Teknokent no 19/1, Çankaya/Ankara, Türkiye

MGA Network

member since 01.03.2023

Membership Motivation

We would like to launch our company-Trabtech in the city of Berlin, right in the center of Europe, where our business can grow and we can easily reach our target markets. We truly have plans to utilize from MGA's wide-range, diversed and exponentially growing network while we are taking place our headquarter in Berlin. During this process, we would like to actively participitate in MGA's "Materials, Approval, Hospital and Use Cases" working groups in correspondence with our mainly settled field "Additive Manufacturing". We also believe that we can make collaborations under joint R&D&I projects with the companies/institutions/academicians from the network pool of MGA. Being a part of this community and its marketing activities will contribute us in terms of providing fast and easy access to experts, or decision makers.

Network Contribution

We have know-how in 3d printable biomaterials and polymers, design for additive manufacturing, expertise in custommade studies/cases e.g implants, 3d surgical planning and modelling. We also have knowledge in project writing and leading. More importantly, our company consists of engineers with well based educational background from different areas e.g. Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science etc. working on R&D and productization. When all taking into consideration, we can present our know-how abovementioned topics, contribute to material or technology development projects the members in the structure of MGA, boosting AM in all the medical field we can achieve.