Thought 3D

Thought3D combines 3D printing, material chemistry, and engineering knowledge to create bespoke products for reliable additive manufacturing

Thought 3D is focused on improving end-user FDM 3D printing experience and helping FDM reach its full potential through products that make 3D printing experience more reliable.

Therefore, they have two product groups solving two distinctive user experience issues:

  • Magigoo build plate adhesives provide 8 dedicated bed adhesives making FDM 3D printing of various engineering plastics less of a hurdle. Having dedicated solutions for Nylon, Polypropylene, Metal, Polycarbonate, High Temperature plastics, it makes the 3D printing process more reliable.

  • Drywise is a hardware that was recently released and is taking care of pre-processing the material and monitoring the printing process for the highest quality prints, making sure the print surface finish is best, dimensional accuracy is correct and that material retains its strength and optimal layer bond.

Thought 3D