SmartZavod is a high-tech startup developing the world’s first fully automated hybrid 3D printer that can be controlled remotely via a web platform.The company’s mission is to take hybrid technologies to the next level and increase accessibility for SMEs.As a result of 2 years of work by experts from our team and two universities, as well as the support of the best industrial partners, cams is an innovative hardware base hybrid manufacturing technology that integrates SmartZavod.The applications of this technology are endless: complex multi-material prototypes combining thermoplastics and slylicone or precise end products thanks to machine operation. Our solution requires a lot less initial investment, space and everything.


MGA Network

member since 01.09.2023

Membership Motivation

For our startup at this stage, joining the MGA is, first of all, an opportunity for effective networking and establishing reliable partnerships in the field of Additive Manufacturing. In particular, we are interested in the possibility of testing our hybrid technology in collaboration with experienced end-users who already use additive technologies. We are also interested in building strong consortiums for joint participation in European Union funding programs to create innovative use cases.
We are also very interested in participating in MGA's internal events dedicated to AM and taking part in exhibitions and forums.

Network Contribution

We believe that given the market situation and the scarcity of firms and experts in the field of hybrid technologies, we could contribute to the promotion of this particular topic within the MGA. We are enthusiastic about teaching and promoting this topic within the MGA.

Our team is very active and motivated, and we consistently participate in various specialized events. Therefore, we could effectively promote the MGA as a member.

We also see ourselves actively participating in working groups, such as Automotive, as we are eager to explore applications of hybrid technologies based on polymers in this sector. Currently, all our user cases are from the machinery and pumping sectors. Additionally, we are very interested in the "Use Cases" Medical working group.