Replique – A Venture of Chemovator GmbH, Venture Builder of BASF

Combining production and supply chain with our 3D printing ecosystem.
Replique provides the first fully encrypted 3D printing platform that makes spare part management and the production of small series more sustainable. Combining our digital inventory and a network of additive manufacturing professionals we offer an end-to-end solution from qualification to production and shipment. Digitize your supply chain with us to follow our motto “trusted parts for everyone, everywhere.”

Replique – A Venture of Chemovator GmbH, Venture Builder of BASF

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MGA Network

member since 01.10.2022

Membership Motivation

We are already a supplier to a railroad customer (Alstom) and have put the first series metal component for a new train series on the rails there. As a 3D printing platform, we advocate the safe delivery of 3D printed spare and small series parts in industrial quality. Furthermore, we have 26 customers from a wide cross-section of European industry and 60 global suppliers producing to industrial standards for our customers. We want to further develop the knowledge of the application together with the partners of MGA to make 3D printing the standard for many small volume parts. For this, certifications and standards need to be developed based on practical examples and use cases. This will benefit the entire industry from both the supplier and the customer side. Our platform enables the protection of intellectual property during the distribution of orders to service bureaus as well as the subsequent quality assurance after production. Our quality-assured network of 3D printing vendors delivers end-to-end through our platform.

Network Contribution

Replique can certainly bring a broad user know-how from various customer projects, both from the field of rehabilitation technology, as well as from pharmaceutical and medical technology customers. Furthermore, we have already brought series components for the transport sector and many other industries to the market and certified the first Good Manufacturing Process with our material partner Forward AM in the field of polymer 3D printing. In the area of necessary series certification and quality assurance as well as in the area of safe control of 3D printers via interfaces, we have extensive knowledge that we can contribute through the construction.