At Q.BIG 3D, they are specialized in the development of economical 3D printers for the production of large 3D printed components. Their team passionate about additive manufacturing that is what unites us. With a shared vision and the goal to make 3D printing economically viable, Katja and Dennis Herrmann founded Q.BIG 3D GmbH in 2019. The company has won numerous awards for its technology, most recently the Innovation Award of the Ostwürttemberg economic region in November 2021.

Special features of the VFGF process developed by Q.BIG 3D and also used in the Queen 1 industrial printer are the algorithm-based variability of the 3D printing nozzle for efficient material use and the use of cost-effective raw materials.


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MGA Network

member since 01.11.2023

Membership Motivation

As a pioneer in the field of economical, large-format 3D printing, Q.BIG 3D always strives to establish valuable industry connections. Through MAG's dynamic marketing campaigns, we aim to become even more present in the industry and bring our innovative technology more into the spotlight. The collaborative exhibition booths provide us with an ideal platform to showcase our expertise in 3D printing of large plastic components. In the long term, we intend to benefit from the MAG's wide range of contacts and initiatives at both national and international level, thus further expanding our market position as Q.BIG 3D.

Network Contribution

1. industry expertise in large format 3D printing: With a focus on large format 3D printing, Q.BIG 3D can share specialized knowledge and experience that could be valuable to members of the association, especially when it comes to larger components in the across all industries such as automotive, rail, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, etc..
2. cost-effectiveness through granule printing: Q.BIG 3D's approach of using granules instead of traditional filament can show other companies how to take advantage of cost efficiency and material quality.
3. network expansion: as an innovative company in the 3D printing industry, Q.BIG 3D can bring its own contacts and relationships to the association, helping to expand and diversify the network.
4. research & development: with its experience in 3D printing, Q.BIG 3D could contribute to joint research and development projects within the association, especially in areas where large-scale 3D printing is beneficial.
5. Events and training: Q.BIG 3D could offer workshops, seminars or presentations on specific topics related to large format 3D printing and the benefits of granule printing.
6. pilot projects: As a pioneer in its field, Q.BIG 3D could be at the forefront of pilot projects that explore and promote the use of 3D printing in the industries already mentioned above.
7. sharing best practices: By joining the association, Q.BIG 3D can share best practices, case studies and success stories from its own work to inspire and inform other members.