pro-beam additive GmbH

pro-beam enables two additive manufacturing processes for metal components – EBM (powder bed process) and WEBAM (wire process).

pro-beam additive GmbH is part of the pro-beam Group, a global leader in the field of electron beam technology.

Within our EBM 30S processes are parallelized, allowing users to benefit from maximized productivity. Thus, our machine is suitable for both flexible and industrial serial production, while the powder bed process ensures high-quality and fast production with reproducible quality.

The WEBAM process is particularly suitable for the flexible, quick and material-efficient production of large components made of high-performance as well as reactive metals. This process is also capable to manufacture multi-material components. In addition, it impresses with very good surface qualities and reproducibility.

Apart from our processes and machines for EBM and WEBAM, pro-beam offers solutions for electron beam welding and drilling, along with surface coating solutions.

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pro-beam additive GmbH

Zeppelinstraße 26, 82205 Gilching, Germany

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