Orion Additive Manufacturing GmbH

Orion AM focus on scientific research and the development of Additive Manufacturing technologies for solving the complex problems of today and building innovative solutions for tomorrow.
They aim to drive innovation through Industrial Additive Manufacturing for advanced applications in Aerospace and Medical Industry using Aerospace-Grade Polymers.

Orion Additive Manufacturing GmbH

Bandelstraße 24, 10559 Berlin, Germany

MGA Network

member since 01.07.2022

Membership Motivation

Active collaboration in the areas of printing technologies and materials as well as networking with other members / participants in order to explore possible synergies or partnerships.
Furthermore, we see it as useful to advance and ultimately establish additive manufacturing through joint efforts.

Network Contribution

- Broad knowledge in printing technology
- Material developments and material know-how, especially in the field of polymers / High performance polymers
- Regulations in medicine and in the aerospace industry