Institut für Anaplastologie Velten & Hering

Since 1996, the Institute for Anaplastology Velten and Hering GbR has been manufacturing epitheses, individual respiratory masks, dental technology and various other supplies in the individual aid sector at the Genthin location. In close dialog with patients, clinics and cost units, all employees strive for optimum functionality, quality and, of course, aesthetics. Developments in the field of anaplastology are progressing ever faster, and today they are already talking about solutions using new 3D technology.

Since 2014, a steadily developing and growing center for generative manufacturing has been established at the Berlin site. Initially, the plan was to use the new technology to facilitate the manufacture of facial epitheses.

However, the potential for modern anaplastology and for the production of individual remedies and aids quickly became apparent.
In the meantime, five 3D printers are in use, which create parts for the most diverse areas of medicine and medical technology, depending on the requirements.
Inquiries from external, non-medical business sectors, such as model making, automotive and aircraft construction, are also implemented. The respective project planning and documentation is of course also created.

The development of new, medically tested and approved materials makes it possible to manufacture medical products directly with this process. These include not only molds for septum buttons, silicone cushions, finger joints, individual closure options and locking devices.
Individual bone implants made of titanium, zirconium ceramics, hydroxyapatite, stainless steel or PEEK can also be manufactured using the generative process.

Data from CT, MRI and DVT devices can be processed, from which the volume bodies are then created. The accuracy of the finished parts is primarily dependent on the raw data set (CT/MRI/DVTect.).

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Institut für Anaplastologie Velten & Hering

Am Legefeld 22, 39307 Genthin, Germany

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