RENA Technologies Austria GmbH


As an integrated innovation and process partner, we provide advanced surfaces for the world’s leading companies in the areas of energy, machinery, smart sensor systems, additive manufacturing, medical technology and light metal finishing.

We use resources carefully and are constantly deepening our core competences, to:

Strengthen our position as the European technology leader in pulse plating and related technologies
Become the worldwide No. 1 producer of high quality nanowires that enable the next generation of sensors, medical technology and high end electronics
Create new sensor systems as essential components of automatization and autonomous traffic concepts
Become Europe’s leading surface finishing company for additive manufactured parts
We develop, produce and deliver industry-ready processes and products for the highest demands in surface finishing, and play a key role in the globally important fields of smart production (industry 4.0), green technology and generic manufacturing.

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RENA Technologies Austria GmbH

Höhenweg 1, 78148 Gütenbach

+43 (0) 2256 / 811 84 835

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