Heraeus AMLOY Technologies GmbH

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Heraeus AMLOY Technologies is a part of the Heraeus Group, located in Karlstein, Germany. In their business they are combining the unique properties of Amorphous Metals with their technological know-how to enable completely new high-tech applications. Heraeus AMLOY’s near-net-shape process solutions, i.e. injection molding and 3D printing are ideally suited for industrial applications.


Heraeus AMLOY Technologies GmbH

Seligenstädter Straße 100, Karlstein am Main, Germany


MGA Network

member since 01.02.2022

Membership Motivation

From the first points of contact with your network (e.g. online meetings of the network, participation in the AM Medical Days), we have a very positive impression of the network work to enable the Mobility and Medical markets in connection with additive manufacturing. The quality of the network partners seems to us to be very good, so that we are convinced that together with the network partners, we will be able to advance the topic of additive manufacturing in series production.
As a material and technology provider for amorphous components, we could make a novel contribution to this, which has not been represented in the network to date.
Amorphous metals are a new class of materials with properties that cannot be combined in other materials.
materials cannot be combined. Furthermore, amorphous components can also be manufactured via additive manufacturing, where the material properties can be fully exploited.
Thus, completely new solutions can be enabled in the medical and mobility markets,...

Network Contribution

We would like to contribute our expertise on how amorphous metals in additive manufacturing can bring can bring benefits to the medical and mobility markets. This includes how designs can be optimized or solutions enabled by taking advantage of the unique material properties of amorphous metals.
Since we manufacture the amorphous alloys as well as produce amorphous components via additive manufacturing, we can share our experience here and work with the network.