Ferrotec Europe GmbH

Ferrotec is a world leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of advanced material, component, and assembly solutions used in broad array of end products manufacturing systems, and industries.
Founded in 1980, Ferrotec Europe GmbH, on a technology core of Ferrofluid magnetic liquid and Ferrofluidic®sealings products, our company product portfolio have grown to meet the evolving needs of our customers.
From its original location East of Stuttgart – Germany, customers acquire Vaccum Feedthroughs and EB- Gun components, and also value our services provided for these products.


Ferrotec Europe GmbH

Seerosenstraße 1, 72669 Unterensingen, Germany

MGA Network

member since 01.06.2022

Membership Motivation

In a customer meeting, we learned that in the field of ceramics in additive manufacturing, the Mobility Goes Additive network is a great way to find initial contacts and look around the overall subject area. The friendly initial feedback from Ms. Stefanie Brickwede further confirmed this impression.

Network Contribution

We are at the very beginning, exclusively manufacturing conventionally e.g. Al02, SiN, SiC, Photoveel in our overseas production facilities.