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At ExOne®, we rapidly solve our customers’ toughest problems through agile, innovative 3D printing solutions. Using Binder Jetting technology, an additive manufacturing process, to selectively join a binding agent with industrial-grade powder particles, ExOne 3D printers create a custom finished product from a 3D CAD file using metal, sand, or ceramic materials.

Our 3D printing technology is capable of handling complexity beyond what is possible with traditional manufacturing technology approaches. Plus, design modifications can be made on the 3D CAD file in seconds and reprinted without complicated and expensive changes. With a high print speed and endless part geometry, ExOne is your optimal choice for printing cost-effective, customized parts using industrial-grade materials.

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As machine manufacturer for Binder Jetting systems we believe it is important, that this technology is evaluated and published to the AM community as well besides Powder Bed Fusion.

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Binder Jetting Expertise; Powder Manufacturer Expertise, DIN NA 145