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cirp GmbH, founded in 1994, is a German company located in the southwest state of Baden-Württemberg. It is a well-known service provider for the production of prototypes and small-run series in the field of additive manufacturing. It works mainly in B2B relation with a wide range of industrial sectors (automotive industry, mechanical engineering and medical technology among others). Apart from that, cirp has a programme of 3D-printed luminaires and hosts the purmundus challenge – an annual international design competition for 3D-printed products.

cirp’s expertise is to process polymers by additive manufacturing. The company generates more than 50% of its turnover with additive manufactured parts and products and has grown substantially over the last years thanks to the effort and enthusiasm to keep up with the market demands and innovations. In this regard, research is a key-element and cirp plays an active role in joint research projects.

Since 1998, cirp has participated in diverse funded research activities covering from a regional and a national scale up to large European collaborative projects with international partners. The company has gained an insight into the latest technological innovations, solid experience in project and financial management, and deep knowledge on polymer processing in additive manufacturing and in injection moulding as well.

It has established itself as a pivotal player and trusted partner creating a connection between the market demands in the industry and the latest breakthrough technology. With these research activities, the company contributes to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing and improve not just the materials, but also the process robustness. The qualified personnel is capable of modifying and building special equipment.

cirp GmbH

Römerstraße 8, Heimsheim, Germany

+49 (0) 7033 30987-0

MGA Network

member since 01.06.2022

Membership Motivation

cirp GmbH specializes in the production of high-quality plastic parts (prototype and small series production ) for customers at home and abroad. The activities include the areas of additive manufacturing, model and mold making as well as rapid tooling and the related related process chains and services. The company not only has solid experience in the field of additive manufacturing, but also research in this field through many years of integration in joint projects at national and national and European level. The broad spectrum of research topics has also helped the company has also helped the company to enter the market for 3D-printed organ models. In addition to exchange between experts in additive manufacturing, this network also provides the opportunity to network with players in the medical sector. We hope to, to gain knowledge in the field and to make contacts that may be relevant for our activities.

Network Contribution

Specifically in the medical field, cirp has scientifically valuable knowledge for the production of organ models with integrated function, which enable the reproducibility of reproducibility of customized pathologies and are suitable for the planning, education and training of medical personnel.
cirp GmbH is a reliable research partner, which is able to integrate the latest research innovations and specialist knowledge into its own generative process chains and services integrated.
The company covers the whole spectrum of additive manufacturing (SLA,SLS, Poly-jet, DLP and FDM). In addition to generative manufacturing processes, cirp GmbH uses injection molding technology for which for which the tool inserts are designed and manufactured in-house.
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