CastLab leverages the power of digitization and 3D-printing to greatly speed up the process of metal casting on demand. You benefit from lead times of just days rather than months for spare parts, obsolete parts and prototypes. Lower your operational costs with the increased uptime and availability.

It also lets you reduce your expensive logistics and warehousing efforts. You only order what you need, when you need it – getting prototypes or replacement parts cast has never been this fast and easy.


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MGA Network

member since 01.09.2023

Membership Motivation

MGA is a major network in the West European mobility sector, which comprises of established clients, OEMs, suppliers and knowledge institutes. Gathering and sharing knowledge in networks such as MGA is key to keep moving forward. As we are a start-up with specific knowledge regarding AM-related production methods, we are convinced that we will bring value to the table. We aim to build reciprocal relationships with other members and help making the mobility sector more sustainable by sharing our insights, and gathering knowledge among the many knowledgeable parties in the network. To achieve this, we agreed on initiating and leading a working group centered around 3D-Enabled Casting.

Network Contribution

CastLab is specialized in Rapid Casting which is the production method which embeds additive manufacturing in the traditional casting process. Patterns, molds, and cores are hereby produced to function as single-use (sacrificial) tooling. It enables low production quantities, flexible design, and short lead times while not having to commit to high investment tooling.
Employing the method is one thing. Making informed decisions on when and how to employ the method is another. After having researched several key parameters with regard to this method, we developed a new approach and mindset to production and we want to share this with other firms to achieve mutual benefit.