C-Tec Constellium Technology Center

Constellium’s products are a major element in our daily lives, making the world around us lighter, safer, and cleaner. Aluminium, the planet’s third most abundant element, is a vital material for the 21st century, and Constellium is a leader in tranforming it into value-added solutions. We design, develop, and engineer products and solutions for a variety of markets, in partnership with our customers in North America and Europe. They also recycle aluminium products, from scrap to used beverage cans (UBCs), with the capacity to recycle 32 billion cans a year.

A large part of their revenue comes from the packaging market, and they are a leader in the production of can sheet. In automotive, our advanced aluminium solutions help manufacturers produce lighter, safer, and more fuel-efficient vehicles, as well as electric vehicles with greater range. In the aerospace market, they  offer innovative, high-performance products and services to companies working in commercial aircraft, military aircraft, and space programs. They also supply the transportation, industry, defense, building and construction, solar energy, and distribution sectors with an extensive selection of rolled and extruded products.


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Membership Motivation

Constellium is a global leader in the development, manufacturing, and recycling of aluminum products and solutions. We have developed special aluminum alloys for additive manufacturing to support the industrialization of additive manufacturing. We would like to share our recent achievements to MGA members and also learn about new challenges, achievements in aluminum additive manufacturing from other members.

Network Contribution

The knowledge and experience that we have secured during the last few years working in High performance aluminum alloys.