C.F.K. CNC-Fertigungstechnik Kriftel GmbH

Online Manufacturing of CNC-machined parts

FACTUREE brings the speed of the digital world to CNC manufacturing.

As the Online Manufacturer, we offer an alternative to cumbersome and lengthy procurement processes for CNC-machined parts.

Thanks to our constantly growing network of manufacturing partners, both long delivery times and capacity bottlenecks in CNC contract manufacturing are a thing of the past with FACTUREE.

In addition, you benefit from a broad manufacturing spectrum as well as a large selection of materials and surface treatments. Thus time-consuming inquiries with different suppliers become superfluous.

C.F.K. CNC-Fertigungstechnik Kriftel GmbH

Gutenbergstraße 8, Kriftel, Deutschland

+49 (0) 6192 - 9945 0


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