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BlueProduction GmbH is located centrally in East Westphalia. The short distances from Paderborn to all locations in Germany guarantee you fast reaction and delivery times. Our philosophy is the fast and customer-oriented production of plastic and metal parts at advantageous prices. The company was founded by Ulrich Büse after 15 years of experience in the development and application support of EOS laser-sintering machines. On almost 1,000 square meters 3D printers and 6 sintering machines are available to fulfill your wishes.

Blue Production GmbH & Co. KG

Friedrich-List-Straße 49, Paderborn, Deutschland

+49 (0) 5251 54647-0

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member since 01.07.2017

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The company blue production deals with all aspects of generative manufacturing. This means the production of parts directly from 3D CAD data without special tools. In contrast to subtractive manufacturing methods (e.g. milling, turning, injection moulding) this is also called additive manufacturing. Until now, these generative or additive methods were known in international language as rapid prototyping for the production of functional prototypes. When creating tools, one speaks of Rapid Tooling. The direct creation of usable products is called additive manufacturing or generative manufacturing. A leading manufacturer of laser-sintering systems has coined the terms e-manufacturing TM or e-production TM for the creation of ready-to-install parts directly from 3D computer data. Due to the unimaginable number of design possibilities and the excellent resource efficiency, we have given ourselves the name "Blue Production".

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