AM Entrepreneur – Gregor Reischle

Additive Manufacturing Qualification & Entrepreneurship Consultant, Founder BionicElement I EX TUV SUD I EX EOS

Consulting, Audits and training to achieve reproducible and scalable AM process quality. With focus on high demanding critical applications and on demand AM production.

AM part requirements check
Part testing, roadmap and contacts to approval and certification, risk assessment plan, execution, report. Qualification and validation plan, Quality assurance documentation, training, workshops
Quality Management Preparation and Documentation, Drafting a spare parts approval process for your company
Integration of state-of-the-art AM standards·
Draft of your “Risk assessment” Structure for AM Spare Parts
Auditor of status quo ( ISO ASTM 52920, 52930, ISO/ASTM 52901, DIN SPEC 17071 etc. )
Preparation for ISO/ASTM 13485 in Medical
I am capable to fill the missing gap of experts & services with my network of:
Designer, AM process category experts, testing, certification& approval experts, simulation,
Testing of Parts/Materials/Feedstock

Entrepreneurship of AM projects:

Consultancy, Coaching, TEAM Workshops:
AM value identification in your business model creating a convincing business plan
Business Design sprint coaching, Methodology Training
Business Plan developing services
Workshop moderator and challenger of status quo

Standard Workshops:

1.How to implement the value of Additive Manufacturing technologies in business models and winning strategies?
2.How to establish and assure AM System in operation reproducibility & approvable process quality?
4.Motivational workshop to enable quality assurance mindset within AM production lines –> Production TEAMS

Standard Audit & Report:
GAP identification between your present solution and AM state of the art standards
Other services:
Audit and assessment services at AM part suppliers and production facilities

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AM Entrepreneur – Gregor Reischle

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