Manufacturer of L-PBF and DED Additive Solutions

AddUp designs and produces 3D metal printing machines for both powder bed & DED. Two mature additive technologies that complement one another and cover a wide range of applications. Our business model includes parts production as a service provider. Being also a parts provider deepens our experience in mastering both AM processes and assists our customers in ramping up their AM operations quickly. AddUp operates a fleet of more than 40 machines spread over its sites Cébazat, at BeAM in Strasbourg and Poly-Shape near Marseille. We also have a sales office in the USA and Singapore and are in the process of setting up a Tooling Competence Centre in Germany.

AddUp is organized to support customers throughout their additive journey. Whether they are in the discovery phase, proving steps or scaling up their additive manufacturing production. AddUp provides education, services, parts and machines to get your additive manufacturing going.


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8 Rue Schertz, Straßburg, Frankreich

+334 73 15 25 00

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