VUB Additive Manufacturing Research Lab (AMRL)

AMRL has the vision to enable Smart Components through Advanced Manufacturing solutions.

The University of Brussels’ Additive Manufacturing Research Lab has the vision to enable Smart Components through Advanced Manufacturing solutions. Therefore, AMRL specializes itself in the development of state-of-the-art Hybrid DED Metal AM equipment, in which traditional and additive manufacturing technologies are combined. AMRL also possesses extensive expertise on the integration of Embedded Structural Health Monitoring sensors in Metal AM components to make them smart and to enable true Predictive Maintenance.

VUB Additive Manufacturing Research Lab (AMRL)

Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium

MGA Network

member since 01.07.2021

Membership Motivation

The AM Research Lab is specialized in the development of AM and AM-based technologies, but close interaction with industrial providers and users is required to identify potential applications and/or products that add value. We hope the combination of MGA's extensive network in combination with efficient marketing and communication acitivities will not only increase the visibility of our AM Research Lab on a European level, but will also allow us to connect with both national and international industrial parties that will help us identify meaningful applications and products.

Network Contribution

Our AM Research Lab has extensive expertise in the domain of both DED and Hybrid DED and the development of AM-based technologies for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of components, a topic that is becoming increasingly relevant in a maturing industry. Also, during the 2021 Materials Mid-Term Meeting, we identified an opportunity to create a WAAM Task Force together with e.g. Guaranteed, with whom we maintain close contacts.