3D Spark

Manufacturers can select and execute the optimal manufacturing process for each component.

Their goal is to pave the way for a more economical and ecological production landscape, minimizing manual labor and ensuring short delivery times while keeping CO2 emissions as low as possible.

Insights and efficiencies in manufacturing through:

– Accurate cost estimation and optimization.

– Manufacturing feasibility testing

– Technology benchmarking

– Tracking and comparing CO2 emissions of individual parts


3D Spark

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MGA Network

member since 01.10.2023

Membership Motivation

As a leading provider of software to identify the cheapest, fastest and most
sustainable manufacturing process for the rail industry, the MgA network is a perfect
tailor-made for us.
Customers like DB, Alstom or ÖBB use it to check printability, compare manufacturing costs with
market prices for make or buy decisions and calculate the CO2 footprint for their components based on
footprint for their components based on 16 different manufacturing processes to make smart
purchasing decisions.
Understanding the challenges of the rail industry precisely in order to offer the best possible solutions is our primary goal.
solutions is our overarching goal, and we hope to find in MgA the perfect platform to
platform for this.

Network Contribution

Know-How from automation of feasibility analysis, cost estimation,
market price estimation, make or buy decision support, automatic quotation
CO2 calculation for each production alternative and much more, especially in the rail sector.