24IP Law Group

The 24IP Law Group considers itself a partner of innovative companies, inventors and creatives and offers comprehensive services and goal-oriented advice in intellectual property law. The quality of our work, the efficacy and dedication to the interests of our clients are our main focus.

Sound legal advice and a business focus. It’s not about being right, but about achieving commercial success for your company – our client. We recommend only legal steps that serve your ultimate business goals.

We are team players in collaboration with our clients and offer an international one-stop shop for Intellectual Property protection and commercialization.


24IP Law Group

Herzogspitalstraße 10a, 80331 München, Germany


MGA Network

member since 01.06.2019

Membership Motivation

The 24ip law group with offices in Munich, Berlin and Düsseldorf deals with strategic concepts for the protection, licensing and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights and has established an Additive Manufacturing Desk for this purpose. We see the network as a platform for discussion with other players in the field.

Network Contribution

We would like to raise awareness of IP in the network and support members in the planning, development and use of patent portfolios in the field of additive manufacturing.