The Company listing type lists all MGA network members. You also have the possibility to see them on the map.


Manufacturing Process

Listed are the manufacturing processes the company deals with (user) or offers to customers (service provider).

In order to differentiate between the many different processes, we decided to categorize them according to VDI 3405. Of course there are other categorizations of AM technologies, but the VDI version – at the moment – is the most complete one with good differentiation.


Which materials does your company deal with? The listed materials are not very specific but very general material classes. We listed the most popular metals and also the most common 3D printable polymers as well as the class elastomer and ceramics.

AM Sector

In the network we established a clustering of companies working in the AM industry. We defined 7 different classes all the member companies fit in, the AM Sectors. Of course, companies could belong to more than one sector, but have a main sector to which they are assigned in colour on the map.