tbko – thomas bengel konstruktion + prototypen

We have been active as a development and prototype service provider in the field of plastic parts since 2003.

We produce prototypes, small and pre-series by means of 3D printing / additive manufacturing with Stratasys J750, Connex500 in PolyJet process and EOS Formiga P100 and P110 in PA laser sintering process. We also manufacture PU parts using the vacuum casting process.

Our customers include companies in the automotive industry and their suppliers, medical technology, mechanical engineering and consumer goods industry.

The use of 3D printing techniques is included in all production stages. We thus offer the complete process chain - from development and prototype construction to series production.

en ist in allen Produktionsstufen enthalten. So bieten wir die komplette Prozesskette an - von der Entwicklung über den Prototypenbau bis zur Serienfertigung.

tbko – thomas bengel konstruktion + prototypen

Hossinger Straße, Meßstetten, Deutschland

+49 7431 630267