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Sauber Engineering is a pioneer in additive manufacturing. The innovative method is based on digital design data; components are produced in a 3D printer, in which materials are formed in layers and hardened. The additive process enables formal constructions that are not possible by means of conventional methods such as milling, turning or casting.

Complexity at no cost
The development departments of the Formula One teams were among the first to experiment with additive manufacturing and to explore the dimensions of the technology. It is in the nature of this new interaction of design, construction and manufacturing that the most complex structures – which are extremely light and stable – become possible. The additive process is comparatively fast and cost-effective. These are all key factors for success in Formula One: for efficient development of new components and their immediate production.

Trendsetting in constructive partnerships
Sauber Engineering works in partnership with leading manufacturers of equipment for 3D metal printing and 3D plastic-based printing processes at the forefront of the development of additive manufacturing, which has great future potential for a wide range of applications. We pass on our know-how to interested parties and customers through workshops and consulting.

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Sauber Engineering AG

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