LZS – Leichtbau-Zentrum Sachsen


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Founded in 2003 as part of the TU Dresden Aktiengesellschaft group (TUDAG), Leichtbau-Zentrum Sachsen GmbH (LZS) is now one of Germany’s leading development partners in the field of „Functionally integrative systematic lightweight construction in multi-material design“. The Dresden Model (Hufenbach, 1995) has established itself nationally and internationally for modern lightweight system construction – including high-tech developments in China.

The company’s success is attributable to the bundling of the unique pool of expertise available in Dresden and the surrounding region. This is based on a cross-material and cross-product systemic solution approach that covers the entire development chain. In addition to adapted joining techniques, this also includes smart materials, adaptronic structures and networks with sensors and actuators.

An interdisciplinary development team of engineers and technicians combines outstanding knowledge and skills in the fields of aeronautics, automobile and vehicle manufacturing, machine building and plant engineering. The portfolio of services provided by the company ranges from feasibility studies, design, material characterization and structural and process simulation to prototype manufacturing, process development and structural testing. The product development is accompanied by a certified quality management system.

LZS – Leichtbau-Zentrum Sachsen

Marschnerstraße 39, Dresden, Germany

+49 351 463 39477


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The core of our developments is the methodical conception in connection with a comprehensive understanding of components and systems, which we achieve by combining experimental and virtual tests. Experience from numerous development projects shows that very high costs can arise in the prototype and validation phase. A major advantage for our customers is that we initially map most of the investigations virtually and thus manage with a small number of prototypes and tests. Thanks to our outstanding network of experts, we are also able to successfully address interdisciplinary topics that transcend the boundaries of lightweight construction, such as medical technology and electromobility, for our customers in addition to LZS's core competencies.

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