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When INPECA joined BÖLLINGER GROUP as an independent company in 2012, it was purely a trading company for high-quality technical components. We soon made the strategic decision to diversify into the production of additively manufactured components ourselves. By making full use of what is currently the largest build space in LPBF technology, we went on to expand and develop into a leading component manufacturer.

Speed and flexibility are two of the major advantages that LPBF technology has to offer. We support our customers with our engineering expertise right from the development phase of their products and implement their requirements for functionality and function integration purposefully and effectively. With the world's largest build space at our disposal, we can be sure to find the best solutions for your complex components.

INPECA GmbH Böllinger Group

Salinenstraße 38-44, Bad Friedrichshall, Deutschland

+49 (0)2451 – 616868 0

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