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iGo3D was founded in 2013 to showcase the best desktop 3D printing solutions on the market to its customers. We opened the first German retail store. Sales took place exclusively here and in our online shop. After a few months, we realized that the market was missing a distributor who could supply retailers in Germany with interesting product portfolios. So we took over this role and concentrated on building a reseller network.

During 2016 the number of industrial and professional customers increased exponentially. As a result, it was a logical step for us to establish a new business unit. Its name is “IGO3D Business Solutions”. One of the core tasks of IGO3D Business Solutions is to develop solutions for the dental market. Furthermore, the focus is on supporting companies in implementing print factories with regard to the topics Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory.

The demands on our own employees are high, but we are never tired. We know that we are making the world a little better by establishing 3D printing in our society. For this reason, we take great care in our work. We are very demanding in the composition of our portfolio. In this early phase of the 3D printing revolution, we strongly believe in the principle of cooperence. We believe this approach is ideal for creating added value for all market participants.


Am Brabrinke 14, Hannover, Deutschland

+49 1520 712 6891


MGA Network

member since 01.03.20018

Membership Motivation

Exchange with other members in the area of implementation and establishment of AM.
Active participation in the working groups

Network Contribution

Many years of experience as a Service & Support Partner of market leader among 3D printers:
- High level of troubleshooting knowledge leads to improved application of 3D printing technology by members
- many examples and use cases facilitate the further implementation of additive technologies
- Our experience with different printing technologies supports members to better understand differences and advantages